Friday 3rd April

07:08 – 07:54, wind W 3 gusting 4, temp 3C (feels like -1)

The Health Secretary announces a ‘Five-Pillar Plan’ to tackle the pandemic.

                            off to deFine
                      the south east Inlet
                            jaywalk oVer the temporary lights
                           empty bussEs
                   a light frost crisPs the grass
                  joggers cross the lIttle moor
           along the grove of no myrtLes
          … though there is an elderfLower
                      the paperboy neAtly folds the day’s news
         primulas by cowslips in a stReet corner bed
                             plump liPs by “award winning surgeons”
    sheds and greenhouses stud the alLotments
                                 a blAckcap sings flits jumps sings
“suppliers of household requisites siNce 1947”