Thursday 2nd April

07:00 – 07:41, wind W 6 gusting 9, temp 8C (feels like 4)

It becomes clear that the UK does not have any significant testing capacity, and has bought tests that are not good enough.

                           off To define
                      the northErnmost peninsula
                 the wind mimicS
                      the lost Traffic roar
                             drIfts of daffodils
                   a lurcher ruNs towards us
                           a roGue rhododendron
          please don't park in Front of these gates
                 an overgrown pAth
                across alley gaRages with huge shuttered doors
                   a concrete fRont garden
                  full of vegetAble trays
               a street sweepinG machine bumbles along
back alley slabs cut to make flOwer beds