Sunday 5th April

11:42 – 12:23, wind SSE 4 gusting 6, temp 14C (feels like 13)

Widespread testing is required to understand and control the outbreak.

                the island is preTty much complete
                           a wandEr
                           towardS the north east
                         a man siTs
                              rapT in his phone
           a chiffchaff sings unsEen
                   maroon and redS on a flowering currant
    an imagined beaver dam holds The stream
the attack of a small, disobedienT rug
                          small fErns grow from a corner wall
         wall-top pollarded a cheStnut sprays upwards
               a girl plays baskeTball on roller-skates
                            sprouTs and leeks long gone over
                 a blackbird stakEs out the worms
            the man on the bench Shouts to his phone
                          a Q3 wiTh no passengers