A walk round Contención Island

Hello. A November lockdown – lockdown-2 … lockdown-lite – and again I have the question of an artistic response. So … having spent the spring lockdown creating Contención Island (https://martinpeccles.com/other-sound-works/the-42-walks-of-contencion-island/) I now plan to walk its edge, to walk the shoreline of the island and, in so doing, to also mark the days of lockdown.

With a compass in the middle of the island, I have measured 28 equal angles and, where each cuts the island rim produces 28 stretches of coastline – all of different lengths. I will walk one each day and, over 28 days, will build a walk around the entire island.

I will walk clockwise and the order in which I walk the sections will be determined by chance – building an island across time. Again, there will be recordings in sound, poetry and line all reported in a daily blog at https://martinpeccles.com . Todays is going up soon … I hope they provide some enjoyment.

Stay safe,