in the south of an imaginary island: land links

Following on the placing of the sound piece into radio aporee, I have now got the text, in book form, into a remotely, socially distanced, shareable form … for a slow reading experience.

Having edited the text and prepared the book (a 250 cm concertina fold) I have been waiting the opportunity to return to the place I walked to take the photographs of the book (the first time that I have been able to do this as previously the sites of my walking and writing have been remote and visited on one off occasions). It is interesting to create a visual image of something that is intended to be negotiated in a direct and physical way – I have to make a number of decisions on behalf of the reader and the intimacy of holding and reading the book is diminished – so, a (very) different work.

As an aside, it is interesting to reflect that I did the walks just before the March lockdown and am posting this just before the November one …