3.00 PM 04/02/2023 Resonance EXTRA – walkplacedistancetime

In the south of an imaginary island: movement 2

I have an imaginary island. As part of a Groundworks project (http://groundworks.org.uk/wp/landlinks/) I made a walk around the south of my island. As per the project instructions I walked between randomly chosen stopping points, each with associated ‘prompt’ words. The result is this sound work; the first half played in January and this second half plays as the next episode of walkplacedistancetime on ResonanceEXTRA at 3.00 PM Saturday February 4th and afterwards at https://extra.resonance.fm/series/walkplacedistancetime

More details, the associated text and a concertina-fold book can be viewed at https://martinpeccles.com/other-sound-works/landlinks/