23rd February 2022 … Terminalia

In celebration of the ancient Roman god Terminus, god of boundaries, whose festival is 23rd February … I walked the shoreline of my imaginary lockdown island – Contención Island (https://martinpeccles.com/other-sound-works/contencion-island/). Although I’ve waked this in sections before, I have never previously walked it in one go.

So, starting at about 05:50 I walked through the dawn and ended at 10:00 – four hours – the length of the shoreline was about 11 miles and the walk total was about 12 once I add in the distance from my house to the shore. Unsurprisingly, there wasn’t much of a dawn chorus along the shoreline in February … and it was quite windy … force 4 to 5 gusting 6 to 7.

I started in the small bay to the southwest and walked clockwise, with the sun; Happy Terminalia.