A new way of experiencing “Walking to the sounds of Contencion Island”

I hope that you continue to stay well.

I have created a new way of experiencing “Walking to the sounds of Contencion Island” at


This is a sound map. If you are interested in location this allows you to **see the place** where the sound recording was made – though the satellite map seems to be persistently sunny which is very definitely not how it has been whilst recording – so listener beware!

There is a description of the work and the recordings can be played from the map (by clicking on the red dots) or from the list below the text in the left-hand panel.

A health warning – the software is designed to be accessed using a computer, rather than a tablet or a phone. It will run on **some** tablets but whilst I have been exploring, it has been a bit variable.

Next step is to try for an interactive version that you can load onto your phone and experience by walking around!

Take care,