Walking to the sounds of Contención Island

I am slightly behind (in fact, 30 days behind) presenting my continuing, unfolding story of Contención Island. During the first lockdown I defined the island by virtue of my walking from my home. During the second lockdown I walked the shoreline of the island, an imagined coastline along the edge of the sea. So … in this, the third lockdown, I have been populating the island with sound. Dividing the island into quadrants based on the points of the compass and then dividing each quadrant into an inner and an outer zone I have used ‘chance procedures’ (random number generator for those of you with a quantitative bent) to sequence the quadrants, zone and duration of recording. Each day I walk the island to that day’s quadrant, and I record the sounds of the island.

Unlike the pre-defined 28-day lockdown in November I had (and have) no idea how long this will continue. I have been doing this for all of this lockdown – 30 days and counting – and have sufficient numbers for almost 14 weeks – I hope that I do not need them all!

I am now in the process of adding the sounds (and accompanying image and text) to my various web sites – I will catch up the first four weeks and then add them a week at a time.

You can find the first week of island sounds here –