Forthcoming from this Sunday – “The 42 walks of Contención Island” on framework radio

“So, here’s the idea … In the face of the containment measures we have all found ourselves in we have been allowed out of our homes for one period of exercise a day. A containment strategy is vital for the containment of the Covid-19 Pandemic, but I wanted to respond to it artistically. I also wanted to produce something that could be used by others when they weren’t, or couldn’t get, outside. From the start of the UKs lockdown, every day I walked from my house, for 20 minutes in any and all directions; I mapped my route and recorded my walking. At first when I‘d walked for about 20 minutes I stopped, for a brief rest, then return to my house. But after a while I had made Contención Island (contención is containment in Esperanto – an international name for an international pandemic). I walked until easing started. The full versions of the walks are all available at along with the daily poem, a mesostic, and the emerging map of the island. So … listen to the walks – imagine the island in your head, create your own walk, make your own map, enjoy. Stay safe and well in these strange times.”

You can listen to the work via ResonanceFM at 23:00, Sunday 4th October 2020 and, from Tuesday 6th October via the framework radio website, via Mixcloud, and via (Apple (and presumably others)) podcasts – links below …

ResonanceFM – broadcasts on 104.4 FM to central London, DAB to Greater London, nationally on Radioplayer and live streamed to the rest of the world

and, from (maybe) Monday 5th but definitely Tuesday 6th October,
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