Monday 4th May

06:42 – 07:28, wind NE 2 gusting 3, temp 8C (feels like 8)

A report on plans for coming out of lockdown is leaked to the BBC as Downing Street plays catch up over the membership and deliberations of SAGE.

    to the eastern peninsuLa
                  cross thE main sound
               along the gArdens
               a small monKey puzzle tree grows in a front garden
   a holly tree dome on a Stick
           pass through a Pulse of vehicles
    step into the green quIet
                   ivy truNks sawn at the tree’s base
            pass a quarry Dimmed with shrubs
         the two runners dIstance-pass
                two ducks Stand on the edge of the weir
move along above the burn’S flow
      a gatehouse roof tilEs missing
             a blackcap muMble-sings behind a wall
                along the Beat of the channel of sound
       the next train at pLatform two is for regent centre
           in the back-allEy plants grow in bins and buckets