Friday 1st May

06:20 – 07:01, wind W 2 gusting 3, temp 7C (feels like 5)

The virus reproduction rate (r) needs to be kept below one to halt the pandemic.

along the shore of south hAven
    a mistle thrush pale oN the grass
      over the fence neat Rows of potatoes
  step through the stream Of sounds
                 a verge oF sweet cicely bluebell and dead nettle
                       a bLackcap flies up into the sycamore
       trolls guard an allEyway gate
                    pigeonS display at the roadside
  rosebay willow herb growS under the eaves
              boutique cloThing home delivery available
     military general as rHinoceros
           a spaniel runs Amongst the cows
                   I straiN to hear the lark’s song
         the squeak-clang Of gates
         an alder grows feNced against the cows
           scattered feathErs mark a kill