Wednesday 25th March

11:50 – 12:31, wind WSW 3 gusting 4, temp 15C (feels like 15).

I am walking an island into existence.

Today we head to the eastern shore of Contención Island. A warmer day with slightly less wind. People are moving in ones and twos and taking the discrete mini detours to avoid coming within 2m.
There is a drift of traffic along the streets but as noticeable as the decrease in traffic is the increase in walkers.
As we turn a single Long-tailed Tit flicks through the shrubbery about 20 feet up.
A young woman and her spaniel chase their yellow tennis ball as it heads towards the bridge when, at the last second it is caught by the slope, turns, and runs down the steep bank and is lost into the burn.

         on ContencIón it is
 a warmer day with Slightly less wind
  an increase in waLkers of the streets whilst
    a single Long-tAiled Tit flicks through shrubbery
    a young woman aNd her spaniel chase but it is caught by the slope
              runs Down the steep bank and is lost