20-minute walks

So, here’s the idea … In the face of the containment measures we find ourselves in we have been allowed one period of exercise a day. The containment strategy is vital for the containment of the Covid-19 Pandemic, but I wanted to respond to it artistically. I also wanted to produce something that could be used by others when they weren’t, or couldn’t get, outside. As far as I am able I am, every day, going to walk from my house, for 20 minutes in any and all directions; I will map my route and I will record my walking; when I have walked for 20 minutes I will stop, for up to 1 minute if necessary, then return to my house; 41 minutes in total.

I’m not sure what they will sound like, but I will post the recordings on SoundCloud with a link here and will also post the maps. Listen to the walk – imagine it in your head … create your own walk … make your own map … enjoy.

Stay safe and well in these strange times.